Sunday, September 27, 2009

Provided Courses

Welcome to my personal business' website. I work as freelance Linux trainer, targetting IT professionals and individuals who either want to start learning about Linux or improve their Linux skills.

Currently, I am in the middle of preparing the following materials:
- Understanding the Linux kernel

This course will teach you the basic understanding on how Linux kernel works. It covers process management (i.e how process is created), memory management (i.e how kernel satisfies a malloc() request), task scheduling, filesystem concept, networking overview and synchronization methods

- Analyzing Linux perfomance

This course will discuss various way to measure your Linux system perfomance from numerous aspects. We shall use everyday tools such as top or vmstat or various metrics shown by /proc files or even specific tools like OProfile to let you see how the system behaves. After taking conclusion on how your current system doing, the course will give you ideas on what you should do to improve it.

Apart from the above courses, I also provide courses such as :
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux system administration
  • Linux networking and Security

All are tailor made according to client specific needs. In order to achieve it, please give me a call and let us arrange interview.

During the interview, I shall find out your specific problem and your specific goals. Therefore, you don't need to worry that you will spend time learning unrelated lessons or even worse, useless ones from practical your organization point of view.

For further contact, mail me at mulyadi dot santosa at gmail dot com (replace dot with "." and replace "at" with "@" then erase all the white space in between). Or you can text me at Yahoo Messenger: paul_phoenix2779 or Gmail Talk: mulyadi.santosa.

I hope to hear your positive responses soon.