Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First draft of Linux Administrator material

No one is perfect....that's my principle. And thus, following that same principle, I share with you all my latest work:
Linux Administrator (first release draft-pdf)

Again, I welcome any feedback here for further enhancement. Since this is a draft, I will add more chapters as the time permits. Stay tune!


Mulyadi Santosa, RHCE


  1. Hello Mr. Mulyadi, long time no see...since the class was taught by you a few years ago at Bajau, now you provide the material for free on your blog, thanks.. and I ask permission to download ...:p

  2. Hi Reza :)

    I don't exactly remember who you are and when we met, but I am very glad you still remember me.

    Permission to download? sure, granted. And please help spreading it among your colleagues and friends who needs Linux study materials. Just respect the license and I am OK with the rest.

    Not much that I can provide now...but hopefully in near future, I can provide more. So please kindly consider my training offerings. By doing that, you indirectly put some fund on me too.



  3. izin download ya pak mul ...
    terima kasih sebelumnya.